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phrasalverbs101.com was created to teach all phrasal verbs in English with examples and pronunciations.

How to Use “phrasalverbs101.com” Effectively ?

Using phrasalvrebs101.com effectvely is easier than you think. Please visit the following pages in order and read them.

In the first page, you will learn what is the phrasal verb and there are how many phrasal verb types. This page will assist you to understand how phrasal verbs are used in the sentence.

The second page is the best phrasal verbs list ever in the web. You will find 2500+ phrasal verbs with their definitions, meanings, examples and pronunciations. If you would like to learn more details and more examples for one of phrasal verbs in the list, just click on it.

The third page was created for seeing all phrasal verbs in this web site without meanings. So, you can see al phrasal verbs and check yourself if you know them or not. If you don’t know the meaning of one phrasal verb, you can use the search area locates the top. Then you can find the all post about phrasal verb that you don’t know.

If you want to ask us anything, you can write your question to comment area in the bottom of any post.

I hope this website assist you to learn phrasal verbs.